Linksys WRT3200AC can ping the FritzBox, but not the internet

Hello, everybody,

I have LEDE 4.14.54 on my Linksys WRT3200AC. After the installation I plugged the cable from the FritzBox ((7390) in the Lan port) into the WAN port of the Linksys. Actually there should be an internet connection according to the instructions. But I can neither ping the FritzBox to the internet, nor via SSH.

I have already assigned a static IP ( to the Linksys WAN port. Unfortunately without success.

Can anyone give me some advice what I could try?

I think you don't need to set an static ip on the wan interface.

Just tested. Unfortunately no success.
The connected PC also gets an IP address from the 192.168.1.X range.
This should also work correctly. It used to work like this (6 months ago).

Can you post the output of
Start -> cmd -> route print
In case it is a Windows PC.

Did you set the gateway and DNS?

I have a similar new setup using a FritzBox 7560. I have a WRT3200ACM connected to the Fritzbox and use the WRT3200 as the main router for my house since it allows me more options for VPN and VPN Policy-Based Routing.

I set the Fritzbox with its default static IP and turned off the DHCP server.

I also turned off all IPV6 in the Fritzbox that I could since my ISP does not use it. The WRT3200 also has all IPV6 options turned off.

I then setup the WRT3200ACM WAN Interface as a static IP on the same subnet as the Fritzbox and set the Gateway as the Fritzbox static IP.


I have DNS set in the DHCP and DNS tab under Network and disabled DNS in all Interfaces.


Hope this helps.