Linksys WRT3200 + TP Link Deco M4?

Hello all, I have stadandart router with 3 TP Link Mesh M4.
I must have conected one TP Link Deco per cabel to the router.
My question can I connect wireles the linksys with Open WRT to the Deco ? But for this they must can MESh and the protocol from Deco.

My question, ist this possible ?

Thanks in advance.

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No, aside from google wifi, all vendors with mesh systems are using proprietary/ closed mesh protocols, which aren't interoperable.

Hello slh,

thanks for the help, that is sad.
This mean only if someone can hack the protocol or can root the Deco to put alternative firmaware.

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There is nothing propriatery to their protocols as they are not really using anything special.
I have seen Netgears Orbi series and couple of others, and all they are doing is using WPS to make an ordinary AP-STA connection over one radio and use the second one as your user AP.

Both M4 v1 and v2 looks supportable as they are QCA9563+QCA8337N+QCA9886 designs.

I was referring to their OEM firmware, which won't be able to establish a 4addr connection to a wrt3200acm[0] running OpenWrt. The situation changes, of course, if the tp-link mesh clients were running OpenWrt as well.

[0] as in, the wrt3200acm won't be able to become a participant in the TP-Link Deco 'mesh' using the TP-Link OEM firmware, regardless of the firmware running on the wrt3200acm.

I was confused now, is it or not possible ? I check the openwrt but there is no possibility to install opnwrt on deco ?

But if it possible I was thankful how.


Its not currently possible as nobody has ported it, I said only that the HW in Deco is supportable.
@slh Yeah, I agree