Linksys WRT1900ACv2 and OpenWRT -> LEDE

Hi !

I have Linksys WRT1900ACv2 and OpenWRT 15.05.1 running for a while and still having stability issues.
What have been done:

  1. Installed watchdog script which fixes wpad / wpad-mini / hostapd stop working bug.

  2. Upgraded WiFi drivers to 3.18.23+
    opkg list-installed | grep mwlwifi
    kmod-mwlwifi - 3.18.23+

However, same issues with WiFi stability remain, they appear at random interval (connections are stalled or dropped, while OS appear still running fine).

Question is - what to do next? Routers are in working environment, there are no much time for experiments.

  1. Is there any new WiFi fix for OpenWRT I'm not aware about?

  2. If I upgrade to LEDE:
    2.a) Which version doesn't have this annoying WiFi issue? Some say for example only rc2.
    2.b) Can I upload settings from OpenWRT, or everything have to be recreated manually from scratch? I have a LOT of custom firewall rules.
    2.c) Do my custom scripts (watchdog, sub2rbl, fan_ctrl) will be saved or I have to upload them again? Or I don't need watchdog and fan_ctrl anymore, only brute force defender sub2rbl?
    2.d) Do I need to do any manipulation with bootloader not loading correct kernel after reboot? I read about it somewhere but lost link.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion(s).

You will want to do new config manually.