Linksys WRT1900ACS, Why seems to be stuck in 18.06.05?

I were waiting to upgrade to 19.07.0, but when i searched inside the TOH, seems my router is stuck in this release (18.06.05). I know i can dive inside the release folder to get the 19.07.0 version for my own router, but i still dont understand why my router seems to be ... "a bad router"?


Hehe, no, not a bad router :slight_smile:

The naming of the 19.07 image is slightly different than 18.06:

18.06 linksys-wrt1900ac-squashfs-factory.img
19.07 linksys_wrt1900ac-squashfs-factory.img

The update script just replaces $release_old -> $release_new, but does nothing else to the name of the image. The following check if the new url (=old url updated from 18.06.5 -> 19.07.0) works failed due to the image name change, and therefore no update to 19.07.0 happened.

I have corrected the WRT-Series dataentries now and updated them to 19.07.0.

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I don't think it has anything to do with being a bad router or a good router. When I upgraded my Archer C7 few days ago, and it's one of the good supported routers, although it's old now, the device page was showing 18.06. But I got the image form the release page and it's all good.

I think it's just the devices pages were not updated yet. I think the team is working on it now.

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Ops!... so... i was quite impatient... so, so sorry.

Thank you so much!

No need to be sorry.
It's me who has to thank you for spotting this! :slight_smile:

Sorry. but... is it the same thing with Huawei HG556a?

No, HG556a is different.

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