Linksys WRT1900ACS disconnecting LAN

Well I’m lost.

I’m relatively new to networking and need the help of Mt Olympus here.

I installed the latest version of openWRT and the system update today. When trying to configure VLANs I lost the ability to communicate to router through physical ports and then was tweaking a Wi-Fi channel and lost connection through one radio. I tried to reset the router through luci on the last radio and that did it. No way back into the router through Wi-Fi or through Ethernet. Trying to switch partitions has been unsuccessful. Did I kill it?

no just follow the failsafe and reset

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Thanks for the reference dlakelan. I was able to get back into the interface by setting my computer to a static ip at which got me around from being constantly released. Once in I was able to fix the radios. Now to fix the switch...

Well, as you can tell, Linksys and the Linksys forums aren't any help with third-party firmware. ("CC" is a reference to a 2015 release of OpenWrt.)

Would you confirm that you're running 18.06.2 or if you're running a snapshot and let us know what the problem is, if you haven't resolved it yet?

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Yes, running 18.06.2 with the system update. I am still not sure why it disabled the radios and I think the dhcp was dropping all leases as fast as it was assigning them. Performing resets, even hard resets, would not repair the dhcp issue. I had to fix my client with a static IP and that kept it stable enough to get back into communication with the server and reflash system update BIN.

I will need to spend some time configuring the network switch tonight I'll probably have more questions since this is fairly new to me...

Fwiw, I've had a wrt1200 (same dual partition setup) for a couple of years and while I've lost one partition many times by fiddling around with settings, the only time I lost both and had to go to a uart cable was when I flashed the wrong image twice, so you can probably rest assured that your other partition is fine if all you've been doing is messing with settings, it can just be a little tricky switching between the two.

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So out of the woods, thanks for your all's help. The problem in this case was likely that I tried to configure a two vlans on one port because I didn't change the setting on the port to none > save and apply and then change the setting on the new vlan to "untagged" instead I just forced the thing to accept the change and blew some gasket. The wireless issue was a totally different screw up. Although I tried multiple resets, I really just needed to change my computer to static ip, set the ip to and access LuCI through ethernet. (I didn't get PuTTY before I killed my own internet connection and am a novice on command prompt).

When back in I fixed the wireless radios by deleting the old profiles and loading new ones then enabling them.

I fixed the switch thanks to this guy here: which was simple enough for me to figure out! really appreciate you all and feedback.

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