Linksys WRT1900ACS 5GHz won't start with multiple 5GHz SSIDs


I added 2 new 5GHz SSIDs in addition to 1 existing 5GHz SSID on my Linksys WRT1900ACSV2.

Both SSIDs are based on a single [new] network interface using a single [new] firewall zone. The idea is to use the 2 SSIDs for different "guest" devices to isolate from the main LAN network.

Now 5GHz won' start at all. Any suggestions how to make 5GHz come back?

Thank you.

problem sounds familiar and there was some kind of solution.

try searching the forum for
linksys multiple wifi
linksys multiple ssid
The problem was specific for Linksys WRT and did also affect the other WRT family devices like 3200 and wrt32x and came up with either v19 or v21.02.

I cant remember the solution though, rough vague guess is, it was LuCi does not assign proper config to the additional WiFis. Something like a duplicate MAC assigned or a missing unique MAC on each SSID.

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Thanks for the hint and for the link where to hunt for this bug!

Indeed, tinkering with BSSID in the etc/config/wireless revived 5GHz so that the new wireless networks became available, but not yet connectable for clients.

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