Linksys WRT1200AC LEDE FW Dropping internet connectivity every 4hrs

Hello im a newbie here and looking for some help! I apologize but explanations in the easiest layman's terms as possible would be appreciated as I'm still learning :slight_smile: Thanks for any help in advance!

Problem: My Linksys WRT1200AC V1 on LEDE Reboot 17.01.2 r3435-65eec8bd5f / LuCI lede-17.01 branch (git-17.152.82987-7f6fc16) is dropping only internet connectivity every 4 hours or so. Also happened on DDWRT FW v3 Beta Build 28788. Network Access appears to be fine. Only temporary fix at this time is a simple reboot.

My Setup: Cable Phone Modem/Router is a Spectrum(used to be TWC) Uber DVW32CB - in Bridge Mode. Then to the WRT1200AC (DHCP) as the main router with WiFi disabled. From there it goes to an 8 port TPlink switch which links all the ethernet cables throughout the house. 3 of the rooms that the TPlink is supplying also have 4 port switches attached for additional connections. Two other lines are connected to two separate Apple Airport Extremes set as access points upstairs and down stairs which handles all the WiFi and some LAN connections. Also worth noting I have 2 Also HUB which are basically proprietary wireless routers for the wireless cameras.

I have the System and Kernal logs saved up until the time of internet connectivity loss as well. Unable to add them here but can if needed in a separate post.

If you are using PPPoE, there is a parameter so the device will test the internet connection at intervals, and restart it when the server at the other end of the line stops responding. Try adding "option keepalive '5 5'" under "config interface 'wan'" in /etc/config/network; this will test the connection every five seconds and restart it if there is no answer after five tests.

Thanks for the reply!

It’s actually DCHP Client, will this still work? If so is it a router reboot or just a connection refresh?

It's just a connection re-establishment.

option keepalive is specified as number in LEDE Wiki; should this Wiki page be updated accordingly?

cc: @bobafetthotmail - should we address that in the wiki ?

This is a re-connection, not a reboot; but it only works for PPP-based connections, definitively not for DHCP-based connections. Is that modem really just a modem, or a modem-router? Do you get a public IP address on the WRT, or a private one?

AFAIK, the keepalive option is populated by uci from the "LCP echo failure threshold" and "LCP echo interval" fields at the LuCI web page, and then sent to pppd as lcp-echo-interval and lcp-echo-failure. So I guess yes, the wiki page seems wrong.

Its a modem-router thats set to bridge mode; its a public IP on the WRT.

[quote="DjiPi, post:4, topic:5980, full:true"]option keepalive is specified as number in LEDE Wiki; should this Wiki page be updated accordingly?

cc: @bobafetthotmail - should we address that in the wiki ?
[/quote]Yes, if you spot mistakes you can (should) update the wiki.
I copied over the OpenWRT wiki and I fixed what I could, but sadly I don't know everything.
Anyway, fixed that entry with the info you posted. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I was kinda seeking approval and was going to fix it. If you don't mind I'm going to add an example to the description later on.

EDIT: Done, added an Example column.

yeah, go ahead.