Linksys Wrt1200 snapshot builds losing internet connectivity

For the past few months, all snapshot builds I've tried have lost internet connectivity every few minutes, meaning connection between device and router is fine, but no internet, the only unusual thing in logs is this, but according to the last comment in the thread by Brainslayer it's not relevant, it happens regardless of settings, even when everything is left at defaults (except enabling wifi), just wondering if anyone else has run across this in recent snapshot builds and might know what's going on.

I use my Wrt1200AC behind a DSL modem in full-bridge mode via PPPoE and i also sometimes get lost connection, triggered by a LCP-Echo fail. This happens 1-2 times a day or just every 3-5 days. Its somewhat random and as side-note my provider claims to have no forced disconnects.

I did try increase the LCP-echo tries + times, since i suspect this is whats causing the issue for me, by assuming the modem connection is down, while in reality it is not. Yet the pppoe service has some bad/wrong LCP settings if you either try to disable or change the value. There always seems to-be some adaptive setting enabled and you can't really disable the setting. There is a conflict between what pppoe in LUCI settings states and what is set in the actual service.

PS: I also have seen the linked errors and need to check if current snapshot build fixes those warnings.

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Thanks @Andy2244 I'm on doscis but it didn't even occur to me the modem might be the problem, so it gives me something to look into.