Linksys wrt 3200 acm dlna questions

Howdy all,

I've been having issues getting this thing working and I think it may be how I am trying to make it work vs what it can actually do...

I have a 3tb Western digital mybook (5200rpm) attached via the usb3 port and I've been trying to get both the media server and ftp server going on it. I initially only had media server going, quite well. Once I decided to add ftp (a month or so after) I cannot get the media server function to work.

Now even though it's a small hdd it's mostly full of movies and TV shows so there are quite a few. My questions are

Can ftp and media server run off the same drive on this router?

Am I causing this to not work because I am trying to share too many files at once? If so would a leaner software install help?

Thanks in advance for any information or help

Well I was able to get media server back by deleting the config files off the root folder of the drive, so I'm guessing the answers to my questions would be it won't work like that :slight_smile:

I have the same router, and it is currently serving almost 2TB of media, via both DLNA and SAMBA (among many other services). I see no reason why it could not do what you need.

What kind of folder structure are using? Initially I had the share folders all together in the root, software/movies/TV/music

I then tried breaking that into ftp/media thinking that secure folder was putting permissions on the media files but that didn't help

I do not see any reason why folder structure should interfere with sharing...