Linksys NAS200

Has anyone looked at implementing OpenWrt on the Linksys NAS200?
If not, is it a viable endeavor? And if not, why not? If OpenWrt is not an option on this platform, are there any open source alternatives that this community might recommend?

Asking for myself and anyone else who may end here for similar reasons ...

It's not viable. The box has an i486 compatible SoC, 8MiB flash and 32MiB ram. 32MiB ram is too little for 22.02. Maybe you can go lower because you don't need a router and wifi, but you'll need sata, block and filesystem support and samba.
Further i486 support will be dropped from the kernel, so even even if you get it running on 22.02, support will stop in the near future.



Mijzelf, many thanks for your detailed reply!

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