Linksys MR8300

My Linksys MR8300 has OpenWrt installed. When its USB port is connected to a Western Data 1T HDD installed in the Orico hard drive case, it emits a reset like noise and cannot be recognized. This hard drive and hard drive case cannot be recognized when connected to my HP AMD laptop, but it can be recognized when connected to other devices. I am currently using Thunderbolt Download to connect this hard drive. Can I mount it to OpenWrt through a local area network?

OpenWrt 22.03.3

Spinning disks tend to need high power requirements while spinning up, usually exceeding USB specs by a lot, your mr8300 might not meet those (a powered USB hub or a case with its own PSU might help).

Mounting remote filesystems via cifs/ nfs is possible, but rarely sensible (as your client computer would have to be up -and assigned the correct IP- before the router boots, which puts you into a egg-or-hen problem).


The USB-ports are also in general troublesome on these devices so I'd suggest you use something else to service as a "NAS".

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What version are you running? I have the MR8300 and used to have the same issue due to a bug that was fixed in recent builds I think. I'm running the latest snapshot and the issue is gone. Used to have it with the old versions 22 versions.

check this thread

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snapshot and 22.03.5 are fixed.
In the OP's case I tend to follow @slh's analysis.

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