Linksys EA8300 radio0 resets itself to channel 165

My Linksys EA8300 is set up to run a mesh on radio0 on channel 124. After a few hours or days, it moves itself to channel 165, which disconnects the router from the mesh.

I checked /etc/config/wireless and there is no reference to channel 165, just channel 124. Could this be some firmware or factory default that radio0 is reverting to?

As a workaround, I think I'll be moving my mesh settings to channel 165.

It may be related to DFS. 124 is a very bad choice for channel as it's inside the DFS exclusion zone. I use a MR8300 with WDS (nearly same goal as mesh) at channel 36.

Thank you for this useful information, it looks like the channel I had chosen was one of the worst to choose. I've moved my mesh channel to one of the green zones on the diagram using radio2 of the Linksys EA8300.

I am still puzzled as to why the router decided to change to channel 165 on its own.

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It may be part of regulations. I have experimented that the device shuts down the wifi if a radar is detected. It may also decide to change the channel to another one.

I use radio0 (qca9886) for clients. It is set on auto channel, so it detects the best channel according to radar coverage. I use radio2 (ipq4019) on channel 36 for WDS.
You may also consider the power transmisson of each channel, refer to previous document and your local regulations. In my example, I use channel 36 because it's out of radar, and I can set the power transmission to a high value (I need distance coverage).