Linksys EA8300 and MR8300 fail to boot after latest git pull

I tried the latest 23.05 build r23097 on EA8300, flashed the factory firmware as per instructions. The device appears to boot, lights on, but cannot connect to at all, so I reverted to 22.03.
Has anyone been successful with 23.05 on either EA8300 or MR8300?

I just flashed a MR8300 this morning.
Did you change the bootloader variable before flashing?

Yes I did, and I flashed from the command line using sysupgrade with all the parameters as given in the instructions, that reset to factory defaults. After that no ping to (nor its configured IP, just in case). Is the default still, right?

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In addition I have an EA8500 for which the firmware fails to build with a missing curl dependency. I will give up and try again in a few months when the firmware hopefully will be more stable. However, given the issues from 21 onwards I have little faith. The best OpenWRT ever made is still 19.

I also checked that WiFi suffered with a far slower transfer than 22.03; I had a maximum of 500 and occasionally as much as 450 MBit. It is just 320 MBit on 23.05; configure the same (I simply won't cover DSA here; I made no changes, but it might be essential). I'm not sure what's wrong, but I guess something with DSA needs to be set up. Regarding WiFi drivers, I'm not convinced if anything can be done to fix this and how it's 22.03 different from this. I can be wrong, but I can't come up with anything. The maximum transfer rate for my MR8300 Linksys using the Linksys-based software is 600 MBit. Do you have any suggestion,, what parameters need to be changed to speed up WiFi as it is in linksys-based soft?

OpenWRT appears to be plagued by unstoppable regression.
I am not sure what value new OpenWRT releases add. Perhaps they add new features (that I would not know of as I use just the basic switch/routing/wifi/vpn capabilities), but base functions like switch/routing/wifi are getting worse.

SInce OpenWRT 19 there has been an established trend where new releases are worse than the previous.

The best is still OpenWRT 19.