Linksys EA7500v2 Dual Partition - How to flash alternative partition

How to flash the Alternative Partition (02) with OpenWrt firmware replacing Linksys? I tried using sysupgrade of factory.bin & sysupgrade.bin without any luck?

Will mtd erase & write work?

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Please read this first.

As both devices are very close, it is assumed that they behave the same way (same bootloader). OpenWrt would only boot from partition 1. It is wiser to keep Linksys OEM on partition 2 as a failsafe.

I did read this earlier and I have seen people able to keep both partitions with OpenWRT and hence the question.

Here's how I did it on EA3500 and EA4500 (I don't know whether this will work on EA7500):

  1. Use Advanced Reboot to boot into the partition that has the stock firmware.
  2. Install OpenWrt for the second time, the same way you did it the first time.
  3. Once OpenWrt is installed onto the second partition, install Advanced Reboot there as well to be able to boot into the first partition.

Keep in mind that the two OpenWrt installations will be completely separate.

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But if I boot to Linksys partition and flash OpenWRT, it will flash the "other" partition right. In this case, its already OpenWRT. This is where I can't figure out how to flash OpenWRT on both. I can try this though.

From OpenWrt, flash a factory image. It will be on the other partition. That being said, the bootloader may declare partition 2 invalid and switch back to partition 1 after 3 boots. You may also encounter the opposite behavior. Or ... if the bootloader hasn't the same behavior than on the EA7300, you may have no bootloader issue at all. Just try.

I have the same question.