Linksys EA7500 V2 Installation Failing

That means that you have installed Linksys firmware on partition B, than OpenWrt on partition A.
You can now boot OpenWrt on partition A but ... did you reboot several times ? That is when the issue apparead. After 3 boots, that seem valid as you start on OpenWrt, the bootloader will switch to Linsys firmware on partition B.

I didn't boot several times. Just one time. But, before I knew this method(flash back to OEM), I failed to boot from openWRT, I have restarted the router some times to check.

I also faced this problem but managed to successfully install openWRT, posted my steps here: Problem installing on Linksys EA7500v2 - #15 by banisodaro

The solution for OpenWRT on Linksys EA7500 v2 is:

  1. Download the latest Linksys EA7500 v3 firmware from Linksys
  2. Download the latest OpenWRT firmware from this site.
  3. Connect your laptop/desktop to EA7500 via Ethernet cable; log in as the router admin.
  4. Flash the Router with Offical Linksys Firmware; the router will reboot
  5. Flash the Router with OpenWRT Firmware; the router will reboot again
  6. While connect to the router, find the new IP address and connect via browser; you should be able to configure the OpenWRT router now

All the best!

Doing so mean that you installed OpenWrt on partition A. Does it boot several times than, at least 3?

Hi, sorry just do I got it correct. Do you mean v2 or V3 firmware? If it v3, wouldn't I brick the router? Thank you.