Linksys EA7300 causes about 100MBit drop in service speeds

im scratching my head at this, i just recently flashed my EA7300v1 to OpenWRT and im noticing a 80-100 Mbit drop in total bandwidth.

ive got Charter coming out because i also noticed elevated dBmv power levels on my downstream side, showing all above recommended +7dBmv, going as high as +11.8.

but since ive done the flash, ive noticed a slight drop in overall bandwidth.

anything in particular i can look at in my settings to alleviate this aside from ISP Fixes on the line itself?

the line is in good condition, no hard bends or nearby EMI/RFI sources, Cat6 Cabling throughout LANSide.

It's a router, it has nothing to do with your modem/gateway. It's not uncommon to see performance drops going from vendor firmware for various reason. It can numerous of things such as lack of hardware acceleration, less optimized drivers/software etc.

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What are the absolute speeds? The EA7300 has a MT7621 CPU chip, which offers midrange performance.

i see the EA7300 was removed from the Firmware database also?

Disregard, was on the wrong page.

My internet is rated to 480 ( usually hits 450 ) but since i flashed OpenWRT, ive been noticing a gradual decline in overall bandwidth. it got down as low as barely making 200 MBit.

ISP Tech just left and with all new cables done and signals near perfect spec, without the router its hitting 430-450 easily.

im assuming my router is on its way out at this point. even got a new DOCSIS 3.1 modem from the guy.

attempting to reflash the router, it appears the bug of this error:

Installing libubox20201212 (2020-12-12-35787769-1) to root...
Downloading                                                                                                                                                             bubox20201212_2020-12-12-35787769-1_mipsel_24kc.ipk
Collected errors:
 * check_data_file_clashes: Package libubox20201212 wants to install file /lib/l                                                                                                                                                   
        But that file is already provided by package  * libubox20191228
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package opkg.

Continues to be present, this is what caused problems on my initial install.

The MT7621 isn't fast enough for 450 Mb with OpenWrt. It is, as you found, good for about 250.

You need a router with a more powerful CPU.

"Updating" packages, especially those providing core functionality like libubox, is not recommended. Flash the entire new version as a complete build.

well it used to give me 450 easily, its been steadily dropping over the last two months, since ive eliminated the cable service as the culprit and with the router performing normally beyond two months ago, im inclined to think that the router is on its way out.

LAN side it will give me Gbit speeds, ive transferred large files between my Server and Desktop at nearly 2x what im getting WAN Side. while yes is a bit different, it can still handle it.

its rated to exceed 450 easily, and as said, used to operate at that speed.

Stock probably will work at 450. You can go back to stock to rule out hardware problems. Stock firmware is optimized for speed above all else.

LAN-LAN traffic is hardware switched (the router CPU isn't involved) and will go at line speed.

ill try that, isnt this router a A/B firmware? the second should still be OEM correct?

Yes that would be the first thing to try. The rather incomplete OpenWrt wiki page suggests plug the power in, wait exactly until the Linksys logo lights up and pull the plug, repeat this 3 or 4 times then let it boot it should boot the alternate partition.

no go on that, it just reboots to Luci.

im on my laptop now using my hotspot from my Note9

okay, back on the OEM Firmware used TFTP and forced the update.

it went right back up to the 450 MBit ......... i guess no OpenWRT for me then for now.

so going back on this, i see the 7300 only has a snapshot, is it possible to use a full build on this or am i just SOL for now?

i was really liking LuCI and the responsiveness of the 7300 ( minus the WAN Speed drop ) with OpenWRT.

thing booted in like 5 seconds, compared to 30+ with OEM.

It doesn't boot anywhere near 5 seconds and the MT7621 SoC can do about 500-600mbit last time I looked at it however depending on hardware implementations there might be some variations in terms of performance. I'm not sure if there are any regressions in 5.X but given that MIPS is "dying" I wouldn't be too surprised.

I have the ea7300 as well 250 mb fiber internet 100% on stock firmware wan plus lan. Openwrt is very poor im no where close to 100 on wan about 30, 40 mb but i still get 250 on lan so issue is probably wan only.

Check your cable on the wan side. If it is not in good shape, it will fall. Ack to 100Mbps link speed and have a practical limit of about 94mbps

I left everything untouched and went back to stock and it works fine. The stock firmware sucks compared to openwrt it hungs for no reason.