Linksys EA6350 V3

TLDR; I've managed to get just shy of 700mbps upload (WiFi > LAN) but download won't go above ~350mbps. Why?

Hi All,

Been rocking 4 of these APs for years now and they've been nothing but fantastic. I'm going to write up a few things to get better performance out of them but that's a later post.

For now, I've a quick question regarding the speeds I'm getting. I've everything fine tuned to the point where the physical link speed between my device (iMac) and AP is 866.7mbps which is the theoritical limit, and that's behind a wall.

I know getting this speed isn't possible in the real world but I always push to see how close I can get to it. So far, I've been able to get my upload speeds to past 700mbps WiFi > LAN which I think is fantastic for this 2x2 2014 router. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for download where I can only get just shy of 400mbps. Is transmitting more taxing on the AP than receiving? Has anyone experienced the same?

623 Mbps is impressive.

fwiw, do you get same results when imac is next to the AP. ie. without the wall in between?

Have you tried other 2x2 devices other than the imac?

In my own past experience, I find EA6350 v3 wifi wasn't that great running OpenWrt or stock firmware especially for coverage (ie. range). The signal from the EA6350 v3 seems weaker than other routers I have used, possibly a limitation of the short aerials? I got better speeds with stock firmware, but I have not tried newer OpenWrt releases since v19.

I do vaguely recall the last two EA6350 v3 I tested with stock firmware as simple APs, prior to sale/disposal on ebay, did both return internet to wifi download up to 480 Mbps download, to laptop with Intel AX200 2x2 wifi 6 card. Another identical laptop with older Intel 8265? 2x2 wifi 5 card only managed 430 Mbps. (I have upto 550/75 Mbps FTTP)

I actually haven’t tried right beside it, I’ll give it a test tonight and see. I might actually write up a proper Linksys EA6350 post with how it performs and how to optimise and tests.

You’re also spot on with the range stuff. I find the 5Ghz to be subpar to newer hardware these days, hence why I have 4 of them scattered around the house but this helps with load balancing and provides a better experience overall with roaming enabled also.

On the other hand, 2.4Ghz is genuinely awful. The range is actually worse than 5Ghz in most cases so I have a Ubiquity AP blasting out the 2.4Ghz instead.

I was also checking some stuff with regards to download being slower than the upload and it’s a CPU limitation. It appears downloads (AP transmitting) is more computationally heavy than uploads (AP Receiving). This was confirmed through the terminal and you could see the CPU max out at 100% for downloads but only around 80% for uploads. Definitely no room for SQM if you wanted those speeds.

I also checked the IRQbalance and interrupts and they were spaced out okay so seems it’s just the limitation of the hardware.