Linksys EA4500/E4200 as a VLAN capable switch?

Recently I switched to Gigabit fiber. I'm now planning to host my router on a Radxa ROCK Pi 4, which will double as a 4 bay NAS with an USB disk dock. Fiber is asymmetric so one-armed router works for me, but I'll need a VLAN capable switch for this. The old router is an ESPRESSObin which is too good for this duty and has just barely enough Ethernet ports (3), so it will go to my parents house since they have a slower internet.

I found some listings on used Linksys EA4500/E4200 for around $5 per pop. Pretty good price for a 5-port managed switch with up-to-date software support. However, I'd like to know if those can actually switch at multiple gigabits for VLAN.

If anyone has the experience, or has a better suggestion please let me know. Thanks.

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