Linksys E3200 no upgrade image

Hello, I am currently using 19.07.1 and would like to upgrade to 19.07.3 and in the future, however there is no candidate firmware for 'upgrade' , so how should I proceed please, TIA
router is linksys E3200
PS: the Architecture in LuCI says Broadcom BCM5357 but the table below says: CPU Broadcom47186 , hmm[Brand*~]=linksys&dataflt[Model*~]=e3200

It is good that you are paying attention to the platform information so you don't brick the router.

The BCM5357 is the switch, but the SoC is 47166. You can see that in the device info page. That page has a link -- use this image.

Also, there are some routers that don't use distinct images for "factory" vs "sysupgrade" -- this is one such case. But in general, if you ever are using a router that has two images available, select factory if you are installing OpenWrt from the factory/stock firmware, or sysupgrade if you are upgrading an existing OpenWrt installation.

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ok thanks very much & for fast reply,

am aware of the rule on if owrt is installed use sysupgrade, which is why was asking :smile:

can I use 'keep settings' option to flash 19.07.1-> 19.07.3 ? with Install.bin or is that not worth the risk , In this case ?

keep settings should be okay across maintenance releases (it is recommended to not keep settings across major releases).

As a precaution, always make sure you have a backup first, just in case you need to do a failsafe + reset to defaults.

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