Linksys e2500 v2

I was looking at the custom DL for v2 and there was an info button so I clicked it and it displayed stuff for v3. Now I'm unsure about where I was, right place wrong link or?

What "custom" download are you referring to?

Here is the standard image:

The above will get the image from v2, but it seems that the device page link sends you to v3. There are tech pages for v1-v4, but device pages for only v1 and v3.

Also, if you're not using OpenWrt on this device yet, it is worth stating that the wifi performance will be very poor due to limited support for the chipset in OpenWrt. Keep that in mind and consider sticking with stock or using DD-WRT if wifi performance is important from this device.

I thought that link was referred to as a custom... I was just confused by the info being for v3 as a relative NOOB thought I'd better check. Don't know what a v2 do with v3.

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