Linksys E2500-EW


i was looking to buy a new wifi router to install LEDE on and saw that the E2500 model is compatible. I found a E2500-EW (newer model?) and wanted to make sure it's compatible, as LEDE's Table of Hardware page only lists E2500 v1/v2/v3. Also, which firmware should I download?

Thanks in advance.

I suppose that the -EW suffix refers to specific regions. On Linksys's site for the E2500-EW product, the support page leads you to the generic firmware download for E2500. So you will likely receive a v1/v2/v3 version.

IMHO there are better alternatives then the one you are after: no gigabit switch and a broadcom chipset with limited support (see note at the top of ToH). I had a Linksys E4200v2-CA and changed it because it was too slow, but it's all about your use-case.

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