Linksys AX6000 vs RAX120 (beginner)

I can get one of them for 100$.
The RAX120 is in the box, and the AX6000 is used.

Looking at the specs, rax120 doubles the flash/ram. But It’s not stable. Is getting the rax120 worth the hassle?

I’m using linux in the day-to-day. This is going to be my main router.

I haven't found details on linksys ax6000 but the rax120 looks good on specs and no bugs on github so I would go for it even if there are stable builds just yet - snapshots are good for beginners as well

something is wrong here qualcom device and mt76 driver? i'm blind?

well if so look for a mediatek device, like the xiaomi redmi ax 6000 or a better one.

What do you mean? Why do you suggest that?

Looks like the Linksys AX6000 is not supported by OpenWrt.

The model number MR9600, right?
There are several topics on the forum, stating it will never be supported due to a Broadcom SOC.

because mediatek is more linuxfriend,openwrtfriend,that's all

Looks like there is no ath11k on the wlan driver dropdown box and someone picked the wrong one. Just corrected it also fixed a few other specs while I was in there. The DL-WRX36 was wrong the same way just fixed that one too.

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i know it's an ath11k wlan device, good you fixed it.