Link to my router

I have CCTV DVR on my router and my WAN ip address is a shared ip address from my isp side which is impossible to use DDNS. There's no static IP service from ISP side.
Is there any package or something to access my router and DVR?

You might be able to use zerotier (VPN).

What is the device?

ubus call system board
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Dlink DWR-921
because of my country restrictions i cannot use vpn neither.

Do you have IPv6?

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Unfortunately No.

Without a public IP, without IPv6, and without the ability to use a VPN, I can't really think of anything that can give you a connection back to your network.

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Any cloud service package or something?

Not from OpenWrt's side.

If your cameras support some kind of cloud infrastructure themselves, pushing their streams to a data centre, is another (unrelated to OpenWrt) question.

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Is Each ipv6 assigned by isp unique? I can try to discuss with my isp.
So what can i do if i have ip v6?

If you have IPv6 (a true public IPv6 address), it's a globally routable address and that means you can port forward to your DVR or whatever you need in your network.

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If you have (all three are required):

  • an IPv6 enabled home connection
  • IPv6 available wherever you might want to watch your cameras (e.g. on your phone, at work, the shopping mall's free wifi)
  • IPv6 capable cameras

You can connect to the IPv6 address of your camera, if you enable the IPv6 traffic rule allowing that on your router - and yes -as mentioned above- this requires IPv6 support end-to-end on all of your devices (and the ISP connections between them), if I would expose a surveillance camera's web interface or rtp streams to the internet (without a road-warrior style VPN) is another question (which I'd answer with "hell, no! not in a million years").

I do use IPv6(-only) as my incoming VPN gateway/ endpoint, as I am behind cgNAT myself - for me, it works well enough (and I don't really have alternatives either), but don't expect IPv6 support to be ubiquituous either.

Use port forwarding service, and as one of the examples.

Thanks for your suggestion, Serveo do not give me a fixed address every time i use it. i need fixed address. Any suggestions?