Link Aggregation using Archer C7 V5 (AC1750)

Hi, I have an Archer C7 V5 with 21.02.01 connected to 2 routers from 2 different ISPs. Both are PON connections with fiber line speeds of 150Mbps each, connected to the Archer C7 v5 with Ethernet.

Currently, I have both configured with mwan3 load sharing which gives me 175Mbps average speed. I am trying to create an LACP connection to create a bonding that improves my speeds above 250Mbps for a single line of LAN.

Can anyone help me with setting this up!

I think there is some confusion here. The C7 has Gigabit ports, which is above the speed you want to achieve.

While it has 1000BASE-T ports, its performance would be insufficient to route at 1 GBit/s wirespeed. Aggregate routing performance on this ath79/ QCA9563 (750 MHz mips 64Kc) hardware will be around 200 MBit/s, less if you apply specialties like mwan3 that need more software control than plain routing.

load-balancing is 'difficult' and adds further side effects, which prevent you from using the aggregate line speed for a single task anyways.

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I hope this helps: Trunk (2 port aggregation) possible?