Libubus.h not found. ubus package does not install include files in staging

Hei folks. I was building a custom package that I have a dependency to ubus, and I guess it also adds to the story that I'm using an external toolchain this time and it is the first time I have such a problem with ubus, and never had this problem with ubus before.

However, when my ubus dependent package is building, it fails at "failed to find libubus.h in "#include <libubus.h>".
Now when I put a dependency on ubus in the openwrt Makefile (DEPENDS := +ubus), I expect the ubus package to build and copy the include files to staging dir, but it does not!

Looking in package/system/ubus/Makefile, and to my surprise it does not put libubus.h in the include folders of staging_dir. Is this a bug ? If I install ubus on ubuntu, all include files are copied when I do sudo make install, but not in this openwrt makefile for the ubus package.. strange.

I guess my question then is, is this a bug or is ubus include part of some base files ?

The included has this:

define Build/InstallDev/cmake
        $(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)
        $(CP) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/* $(1)/

That takes care about it.

Thanks so much tl71. That explains my question :slight_smile:

Btw do I need to change something in make menuconfig for the InstallDev ?

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