'libpam', which does not exist

Whenever I try to open Openwrt I get these errors. Anyone know how we can fix it?

have you added it?

no. how can ı do it ?

That is intentional and not an (real) issue, just ignore the libpam warnings.

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in your openwrt directory:

 (to get rid of packages not found ... dependencies)
AND pre make defconfig (!):

./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a
./scripts/feeds install libpam libnetsnmp liblzma


Those dependencies are optional (for very specific build configurations) and usually not needed, that's why pam is in the feeds, rather than the base tree (where it would have to be, in order to avoid these warnings). This way, the option to build against pam remains (although you most certainly won't), but at the expense of a bogus (for all reasonable build configurations, but technically correct) warning.

@cagatay saw it as an error; I had the same reaction.

This dependency check - and warning - could be enabled only for those 'very specific build configurations'; as it sits now, that accommodation to those rare configurations is at the expense of a lot of new developer confusion.

my 0.002 ...

The official OpenWrt images are built without feeds being installed (and the feeds themselves later with the SDK), so this bogus dependency can never be fulfilled there.