Libcap is not available in any repository

Hello, today I just installed the latest possible openwrt for my tp-link Archer C20 but it is only supported by SNAPSHOT version.

I proceeded the installation using the "Create factory image" method and uploading via web-ui.

I installed Luci and it is working fine, but when I was installing luci-app-sqm it says that it can't find libcap.

After some research, I just found that this package is "installed" when building the openwrt firmware.

Is there a way that I can install the libcap package or should I try to install again but now building my own openwrt firmware?

Archer C20 v5 Details:
How to install Archer C20 v5:;a=commit;h=86e7353bff2a5de257de8ec62e782f016eed143c

@flametuner, welcome to the community!

I'm also experiencing the described issue on OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r12320-3660a89cb9. I used sysupgrade on CLI.

For now, I've temporarily reverted to 19.07.1 - I know that won't quite work for you, though.

Reverting did not work. I realized that I lost DHCP/DNS (dnsmasq).

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I'm wondering it this will be fixed in the 27 FEB builds. Using my (poor) Git search-fu, I don't see anything recent in regards to libcap.

I do notice this library indeed failed to build on a lot of targets, I listed a few here:

It appears it failed 22 FEB.

@jow, @hnyman, any ideas?

This prevents install of a lot of packages on a lot of targets.

I managed to build my own firmware version with Luci and SQM and now is working fine.

It looks like the build version I downloaded didn't have installed the feeds for the libpac.

So I used what @Andy2244 said here when building my version!

I still don't know if someone forgot to install the feeds or if it is intentional because it is a snapshot.

I'm not sure what you mean here. Packages are supposed to compile, download, install and work.

So this needs to be fixed.

Working with OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r12380-71f3179fc8 for apm821xx/powerpc_464fp (29 FEB) :white_check_mark:

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