LEDE sysupgrade.bin OVER OpenWRT CC install?

The brief:

  1. I have a few routers with OpenWRT CC already flashed.
  2. I want to flash them to a more active development(LEDE here I come!)
  3. Can I simply use the LEDE sysupgrade.bin for my routers on top of the OpenWRT CC install in Luci???
  4. If not #3, do I have to flash back to my routers stock firmware then install the LEDE firmware.bin from there???
  5. THE LAST QUESTION: Does Luci actually come installed and enabled by default in the stable releases?

I want to think that #3 will work like that since it's built on top of the same code for the most part. If not, I have no issues doing it the long way and most likely the right and better way.

I read quite a few threads already and could not find a clear and precise answer. Seems most got off topic or deviated from the OP.
My apologies if this is a repeat. Feel free to delete it.

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Yes
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Can I give you a beer or something?? Thank you =D

Sysupgrade from CC15.05 to LEDE 17.01.4 works, but depending on the router model, some core settings / config regarding switch, LEDs etc. have changed, so it is safer to sysupgrade without saving settings. (Saved settings can be incompatible for some routers, and may cause inaccessible device or bootloop).

Just start from the clean default LEDE 17.01 config and re-config the router manually.


Thank you. I appreciate that. I figured a clean slate would be best regardless of how I achieved LEDE 17 latest release. Thank you, again. =D

You are welcome. I like beer. :nerd_face: