I am currently running a single of those with the Ubiquiti controller software which I don’t particularly like, considering switching to LEDE.

A couple of questions:

  • Any feedback of how well LEDE runs on this hardware?
  • What are (if any) the differences between the wifi radio firmware used by Ubiquiti compared to the one used by LEDE. Any Ubiquiti “secret sauce” that I’d be loosing in switching or are they using pretty much the same generic radio firmware?

I recently installed the latest snapshot on two UAP-AC-PROs.

They indeed seem to perform better but there is one thing that throws me off the 2.4GHZ radio (QCA9563) does not seem to work properly it always shows 72Mbit/s max instead of the 144Mbit/s that it showed on the stock firmware. But im investigating this issue right now.

You will lose the guest portal and all the stuff ubiquiti put into this firmware but you gain much more stable implementations of 802.11r, airtime fairness etc.
You will also lose the controller ofc but you can do your own with openwisp2 or just use the webinterface (manual install).

Check your config for used channel and channel width. 72Mbit/s looks like your only using 20MHz channel width. For 144Mbit/s you'll need 40MHz.

Hey, i somehow fixed that by recompiling my own version of lede.
The clients that can use multiple streams show 144mbit/s now.

I never used 40mhz on the UniFi firmware and it seems like i dont need to use it like that now.

Oups, you're right, my fault. 72<->144 looks like 1-/2-stream. 20/40MHz is 144/300Mbit/s

@1N4148 Yeah i didnt mention that i was using multiple streams so yeah its fine.
@pgauret If you need help with setting this up just ask in this thread and i will provide a quick how to.