LEDE not booting on Arduino Yun

Hey everyone!

I've been working with getting my Yun to connect to the WPA2-Enterprise at my school, and someone recommended that I install LEDE on the Yun to connect, and it worked! The Yun is now connected to WPA2-Enterprise.

However, the white LED that signifies the linux side succesfully booting does not turn on, and attempting to bridge to the Linux side in a sketch results in the sketch hanging and doing nothing.

I'm not sure what's going on with this, but I hope that somebody can help me figure this out - I've been working on this thing non-stop for a month now!

Thank you in advance!

hello sir, can you tell me how to compile LEDE to Arduino YUN, especially in 'make menuconfig'

I'm compile default config from git branch v17.01.3 and select the targer profile to Arduino YUN 16MB
it's still failed...