LEDE i Tplink 8970 v1 - Please Help Me

hi dears
please help me
i have tplink w8970 v1 modem
i need update to LEDE frimware
i downloaded it file <<lede-17.01.4-lantiq-xrx200-TDW8970-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin>>

But when I put it in the update section , I see a problem
please tell me How can i do this

Because that is the file for upgrading a current LEDE firmware version and not from the stock version.

Are you sure it Tplink 8790 and not 8970? Just curious.

i have 8970
after install , modem reboot and brick
i dont know how to unbrick !!!!!!

Try this tutorial, which works for several TP-Link routers -

For your router, rename the firmware file w8970v1_tp_recovery.bin

In general: You cant flash the TP-Link 8970, 8980 or 9980 from the web gui for long time. You have to connect the serial TTL Adapter (for example cp2104 from ebay) to the device and follow the wiki https://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/td-w8970#installation_using_serial