LEDE firmware on R7800, gigabit internet and bandwidth monitoring

Recently got gigabit internet, and am wondering if I can use the per-client bandwidth monitoring built into LEDE firmware while using 1Gbps download/upload speed? The reason that I ask is that it used be that in order to get 1Gb internet to work on a router, the firmware would have to support hardware offloading (or CTF) and that would not allow the per-client bandwidth monitoring due to the part of the network stack being handled in hardware. I'm wondering if that's still the case with LEDE firmware on the R7800?


If you use "LEDE" firmware, you use something ancient from 2017, as the branding was reverted back to OpenWrt in 2018.

R7800 does not support hardware offloading.

You might test nlbwmon, which works ok in R7800, but not sure if that can hand 1 Gb, especially if you use SQM or other QoS tools.

Thanks, I didn't know that LEDE wasn't what you were building, still seems to be referred to here and there as LEDE. Appreciate the update on that, obviously need to catch up on OpenWrt history for the last couple of years. Been around a while in the router lane, and don't get out much since I got an eero :-). It was LEDE, split off from OpenWrt then, a couple of years ago when I started using the eero. Now, with 1Gb internet, I find that the eero works best as a wireless mesh AP, hoping that the R7800 may make a good "wired-only" router. I have used the R7800 for that, and also got a Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite.

I did use the bandwidth monitor that's part of your builds at the 300Mbps speed that I used for some time. And that bandwidth monitor was working well at 300Mbps, having the cumulative traffic data was nice. Couple of days ago my ISP offered me 1Gbps with no data cap at the same price I originally paid for 100Mbps with a data cap, so I couldn't pass up that offer. For a year, anyways.

By the way, the 100/100Mbps speed tier worked fine for me, enough internet. But they offered me 300/300, then 1000/1000 at the same price, so of course, that's where I am now :-).

I'll just try the R7800 then, I was wondering what my chances are as things stand, since it takes some time setting things up. Using the Edgerouter Lite, I can get over 900Mbps on wired clients, and it does it's form of traffic analysis at that speed as well, hardware offloading at work. Slightly slower with the eero in full router mode. I'd like to get the R7800 going, mainly because of the longer term data traffic monitoring and ad blocking, and see how it does. I don't use SQM, by the way.

Thanks for replying, looks like I have some homework to do :-).

Okay, found out what I needed to know. With bandwidth monitoring on, seeing about 500/500Mbps on the R7800. Haven't tried it with bandwidth monitoring off, that's next...

At that speed if you actually want to do some processing, you will need to get a beefier primary router. x86 or if on a tight budget a raspberry pi 4B with an USB3 gigabit ethernet dongle seem popular options (and the r7800 would be relegated to AP duty)...