LEDE build upgrade with OpenVPN Server

I have LEDE installed and using happily with WRT1900ACS.
Now I want to move my OpenVPN server's cert from the old router (OpenWRT)
It was set up using easy-rsa.

If I set up again, like what I did, I have to create new certs and distribute the ovpn again.

Can I just copy the certs from old router to the new router? (install OpenVPN related package and continue the setup)
I asked because this info will be useful next time I upgrade my LEDE to new build.


(The forum software requires me to type 10 characters minimum to say:) Yes.

Great. Many thanks for your help :slight_smile:

To elaborate: Certificates are not tied to hardware or software. You don't have to create them on the machine they are used on, you can--and in many cases even have to-- create them on a different machine and transfer them to their destination.

Yes, you can copy all the certs that you created over rather than creating new

David Lang

do you advise to restore the backup between LEDE build?

Thanks both of you, I migrated all my settings now :slight_smile: