Lede branding changed to OpenWrt. What's going on?

Anyone knows how I could download a file from
when I try to download
it redirecting me to:
but it gives 404 not found error.


Until resolved hit a mirror, get via FTP?

how on earth someone will want to do that?
And please, tell me that you don't gonna destroy the forum.openwrt.org, so far I did't read any about anywhere about that...

and since we are currently dancing, why not just call it "owrt" like there, doesn't care about.

Thanks! I just forgot about those.

While feedback is always great, perhaps before adding one's two cents, one could take the time to read the links in @sebastian_de's post, as this has been in the works for close to a year

Where is the consequence of the word "merge" here?
After all, a completely new system arose from the connection.
E.g. something like:
Zrzut ekranu z 2017-12-10 07-04-26
In the end, the LEDE brand is already well recognized, as well as OpenWrt.
Returning to the original name is like accepting that the last year of work of various people over a completely new approach / project was simply ... or rather if it was not there.
Let everyone get to the end that there is no OpenWrt, and as a result of the merger there is no longer LEDE - is a whole new creation: LEDEOpenWrt .
Either there is some kind of joint development, progress - or it dies: both.
In my opinion, this is an important ideological issue and I think there was no deeper reflection for both teams, both projects: yes, yes ... that's exactly what you have to call it.

"Whole ideological EDIT":
As a practical example of such thinking and how it perceives the whole world, I can only quote something that many of you probably know: the recent history (~1989) of my nation (Poland) - solidarity and the desire for peaceful reconciliation - not a bloody reckoning of wrongs.

If you would have read the mailing list posts I linked above you could have seen that there actuelly is joint development going on.
I'm an OpenWrt/LEDE user for a few years now and I'm very thankful that in the end the developers calmed down, came together and had constructive discussions on how to move on together.
I think that's what the broader community should do as well.

You are making thinks so complicated. This is a happy ending for all of us. The users, the developers and the project. Since all of us want essentially the same. A free and open-source OS for our devices.

  1. One project/brand is better than two.
  2. A 14 years old brand is better then one who is barely a year old.
  3. The issues who led to the fork have been resolved.
  4. There is no better recognition of LEDEs work, then OpenWRT accepting the re-merge.

Imagine the year 2029, 11 years from now. OpenWRT will celebrate its 25th birthday. Barely anyone will remember LEDE. But without it, we would not even have that birthday party. Cheers.

Last but not least: I think they do exactly what Poland did in 1989 and not what Poland is doing today. But where is the Soviet in today’s world of network devices? In some ways, things back then where easier comparing to today. Like picking sides for example.

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@Mitome - I think you're in a big mistake - it's just a rational error - you're discussing with facts. And the facts are that if it was not for the initiative and good will of people from the LEDE project, this form of software that was OpenWrt would simply be gone forever. In 25 years, we will at most celebrate the 24th anniversary of the resurrection of the troupe OpenWrt has been for over a year. One brand is therefore not intellectually acceptable to any intelligent person. Something died and something was created on the ashes - something new and something better: LEDE. Attempts to resuscitate the corpse are doomologically doomed to failure. The same ideology is guided by the policy of my state authorities - time for a real democracy and restoration of the splendor of my nation. Being a servant of some neo-communist ideas (European Union) in the long run only brings Poland closer to the 4th partition, which is actually the intention of the so-called NATO allies and neighbors from the east and west.

Look without wanting to get into a political discussion, and trust me from the glimpse of your politics revealed in your posts you would not want to discuss this with me neither :wink:

The actual developers that initially forked decided to re-unite, if you were willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for the fork, why not give the the same latitude and trust now with the merge?

Best Regards

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Well, I give it to you, after all, 2 posts earlier - I give you the chance to merge ... but not in this way like now because it simply wipes out the work and the creation of LEDE ... and the involvement of all concerned in this project of time and work, not just some imaginary developers. Therefore, from this ideological point of view, I see a contradiction in this decision, which, perhaps, I think too harshly as the beginning of the end of this project.
Separation from the leading role of LEDE, which symbolizes even the name after the connection "OpenWrt" gives you a guess in which direction it is going.
A description of my country's political situation through the eyes of a Pole and a patriot, and not, for example, some proverbial Israeli / German / or other parliamentary or senator denomination to the Seym of the Republic of Poland, who favors being a Pole by just a surname, which has resulted in such and no other policy for the last 20 years - it was just such a curiosity and canvas and a reference to the situation of LEDE / OpenWrt projects. Whether it's hit or not, it's just a question of the perception of the readers.

Here I will politely leave the discussion; what ever your gripe is it clearly is only remotely related to lede/openwrt including fork and re-merge. Since I have no information relevant to your interest, and you seem to not actually want to discuss/read about the lede/openwrt story, I think for us to discuss further would be a waste of time. Every discussion has its time and place and this seems not the place for ideology/politics IMHO.
Let's keep it polite and technical and let's not descend into prejudices and hostility (I am not claiming you attempted that*, but let's not go there), but rather follow lede's rule #12 (https://lede-project.org/rules) and be nice to each other.

Best Regards

) Actually re-readig your post I take that back; you comments are clearly incendiary in nature and inappropriate for this forum. Anti--isms do not get any more tolerable by replacing individual words.

Well, of course you can express your opinion about LEDE, just like me - everyone has the right to do so. I have a different one, You have a different one - that's it. Just be kind enough not to teach me what to do, what to write or not. Because you do not have such a right nowhere and anywhere - the freedom of speech is valid everywhere. It is clear that you do not understand the idea of an abstract comparison.
I greet you too ... hehe.

All I want to know is the name Lede officially depreciated or even DEAD?

Hence, should namespaces now be .openwrt not .lede?

@build000 think Brexit :boom:

if a router is running lede and one has to upgrade to the latest openwrt builds, is unticking "Keep settings" and flashing openwrt-x-sysupgrade.bin enough?
EDIT: yep upgrade went just fine. Im curios if it worked even if I kept the "Keep settings" checkbox ticked

Freedom of speech does not imply everyone's right to write anything in this forum thread. Forum rules, thread topic and general common sense still apply.

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There is no need to untick keep settings when updating from LEDE to Openwrt-branded LEDE builds.

LEDE codebase survives the merge and has just been rebranded as Openwrt. Currently LEDE master buildbot is creating Openwrt-branded builds and those snapshot builds are available from the LEDE download site.

Old Openwrt codebase is ancient and will be deprecated. Openwrt buildbot is still crunching binaries from that old code, and those trunk snapshot builds from the Openwrt download site should not be used. (There has been practically no development on the old Openwrt since April 2016 when active devs split off to LEDE.)

Crudely said, the whole merge is pretty much about renaming the current LEDE to Openwrt and organising the combined infra.


thanks for the detailed answer, appreciate it

I do not know what this anti-Semitism is about and I do not see it in my speech - if you see it, take my apologies - and by the way of this particular -ism, ask for an explanation of the Nazi invader or his descendants, who killed 5 million Poles and countless citizens of Jewish nationality in, for example, the Auschwitz-Birkenau ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auschwitz_concentration_camp ) concentration camp (Oświęcim). As for the merits of the case on the technical forum, I have already expressed my opinion.

I wonder if there's a way to automatically close a topic once Godwin's law has been triggered.