Lede branding changed to OpenWrt. What's going on?

So as the title suggests, Zoltan HERPAI commits changed Lede branding. Is Lede merging back to OpenWRT, what's the status?

That's been sort of the "plan" all along as I understand it.

The merging of LEDE back into OpenWrt has been in the works for over a year and IIRC, the OpenWrt name is being retained, however LEDE's code base will replace OpenWrt's (of which hasn't seen a commit in 12 months).

  • IIRC, there are also behind the scenes changes, such as how OpenWrt is governed, allowing for a more broader array of individuals with the authority to make commits to the code base, etc. Essentially, only the OpenWrt name is being maintained, in part due to name recognition.

%N = ???

You might start your own thread...

This topic is about something entirely different.



Opinion : What exactly should we be calling ourselves today; openwrt developers, Lede developers, or still waiting for the merge developers? And after the de-merge[?] lede-project.org will be openwrt.org, and the content that's on openwrt.org will be superceeded by that on lede-project.org?

There's a lot of people who are behind the idea that Lede is better than Openwrt, and have marketing material that references this fact. Begs the question, why did the inner-circle fork in the first place if they always intended on merging? That's rather like getting a divorce so you can get married again.

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Please read the mailing list discussions leading to this decision (this was the final proposal I think). If I remember correctly the voting majority to go back to the OpenWrt name was a short one, but it's just a name anyway. I think the most important part of the whole remerge discussion is that the LEDE Project Rules will be kept.

I think the most important part of the whole remerge discussion is that the LEDE Project Rules will be kept.

It will turn out over time.
The worst possible idea regarding LEDE has become a fact - I do not want to croak, but that can mean the beginning of the end ...

I have no idea what you mean. Can you elaborate?

For now, there is no point in developing it - let's give a chance to a new idea without unnecessary "programming future events".

Not sure what you mean, as your statement doesn't make sense...

  1. LEDE is a fork of OpenWrt
  2. OpenWrt has been dead for a year
    • There's literally been no commits for a year to the OpenWrt codebase, of which is why it's been recommended for a while now to not use OpenWrt firmware if LEDE firmware exists for a device, as an unsupported firmware with zero security patches for a year is simply not secure to utilize.
  3. If a device is supported by LEDE, then development for the device should take place on LEDE, not OpenWrt.
  4. For all intents and purposes, only the OpenWrt name will be kept, with LEDE replacing the OpenWrt code base.

This is going to create confusion:

What web site/forum is used to follow CVE's and releases that address CVE's?

Who's documentation to reference?

I personally do not care what the firmware is branded but I do care about consistency, accurate documentation and secure downloads.

LEDE's for CVEs... again, the OpenWrt code has not seen a commit in literally a year. Why would one follow CVE's for OpenWrt when those CVE's would not be addressed?

For documentation, both, but will ultimately depend on what documentation one is looking for.

  • For example, if OpenWrt's wiki site has better/more in depth documentation for something, such as the ToH page for the Linksys WRT AC Series, OpenWrt will be linked to, whereas many of the general config wiki's have been ported over to LEDE's wiki pages.

To be honest I would have let things stay as they are. One year or more has passed and I think most people moved on to LEDE anyway.

A rose by any other name...

OpenWrt has name recognition and has been around for over a decade, which is likely why the OpenWrt name is being kept.

  • LEDE has always essentially been OpenWrt since it's fork, except without all the extra baggage of the infighting at OpenWrt, as well as allowing a wider array of users the ability to publish commits to the LEDE codebase (this was one of the major issues that caused the split).

  • LEDE also greatly improved upon the OpenWrt code base

@shep - I agree this is going to create confusion; especially for newbies who will be wondering why there is such a blatant inconsistency in codebase names? Easy when you know how. Renaming the new forked project back to the old depreciated project name is unnecessary as Lede has already gained positive recognition in the hacker-maker community > go forwards not sideways.

Will the next release of Lede be 17.01.xx or be something like "Depreciated Disaster"? And is this still the Lede Project Forum?

Anyone knows how I could download a file from
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Until resolved hit a mirror, get via FTP?