LEDE as Wireles Bridge + L2TP Client possible + MAC clone?


Couple of months ago I tried to switch from DDWRT to LEDE. But it looks like more complicated and I stoped this change. But now I have another needs maybe LEDE can help me. I am here again for asking your opinions.

What is current situation:

I have WRT1900AC and DDWRT on it. I use this for main router and L2TP Server.

I have a small garden. This garden has public internet daily 400mb free. I installed Edimax NANO BR-6258n router to Garden and I installed IP Camera. This Edimax router uses this public internet and creates L2TP connection to my main router. IP Camera connected to the Edimax NANO router. So I can easily access my IP Camera. But Government officials blocked my Edimax MAC Address because of more uploads. (IP Camera makes uploads). So I can not use this free internet anymore. I need solution.

  1. I need LEDE compatible router.
  2. LEDE should monitor and block daily bandwidth cap (quota). I want to limit IP Camera to only 1GB per day. (Optional)
  3. I want to use LEDE router as Wireless Bridge and AP. It should connect to Public free wifi.
  4. I should able to change WAN Wireless MAC Address. Because they can block my mac address again. If this is happen I should able change my mac address.
    5.I should able to create L2TP connection to my main router (This is optional too, I can use Edimax for L2TP)

So what is your opinions? Can LEDE do this? with which hardware?

No solution?

If you need a cheap router LEDE compatible go for any TP-LINK OpenWRT/LEDE Compatible.

  1. I think that is could be done just using iptables and maybe some shell scripts on crontab.
  2. with TP-Links atheros based you could do that.

see my samples here: http://gist.github.com/braian87b/8a524a8ad74a36407a8f481e9d16a5c9 and http://gist.github.com/braian87b/2333a32577a221c8d62b5ce8b54a4d95

  1. I tested more than a dozen of TP-Links and all of them allowed to change MacAddress in wan, lan and BSSID's on WiFi too.
  2. Just build your own image with L2TP (if you need space and don't need luci and ipv6 remove it too to save space). if not, you should have to get an 8mb flash router, and if you need some more things like install python scripts go for a USB one, to use ExtRoot.