LEDE as Multimedia Home (HELP!)

Hi I'm Spanish boy and love Lede works
i'm looking for make my old hardware to make any good In a BOX ( ,USB Hubs, Harddrives USB SoundCard Usb Digital TV,WirelessN150,bluetooth SoundGrapthVDFDisplay+Remote)

The Task:
make lede+extra packages configure wifi Router ETC
b[/b] Thanks Doc's Team

USB Creative 5.1 Sorround
i install USB ALSA + Pulse tested madplay internet radio. Good Sound! 2.0
i love if audio input from soundcard send to speakers output no hardwaremixer and no have idea who to configure pulse on console + need disabled if some software put sound
The Creative have Remote + Volume i read need configure LIRC = packet lost on LEDE

my idea for my android phones send audio to router i think the best protocol is DLNA or Bluetooth
when i start read InternetDoc's i find 2 projects miniDLNA (no packet lost on LEDE.). and gmrender-resurrect..
(UNDONE) no have idea who to continue

have a Android TV Sony+KODI i think are awesome if kodiandroid send audio 5.1 to my LEDE
(UNDONE Mable impossible)

For Windows 10 i think VB-Cable software+pulse over network
(UNDONE) Pulse on Windows no stop errors and no start

more ideas put on this topic for share to all users all help comments are welcome. i try edit and put tutorials