LEDE as an access point and switch

I know there is some documentation for this, but am failing to find it again.
I need to use a LEDE box as a wifi AP with DHCP handled by the main router.
I'd like also to allow some cabled devince to use this box to get to the LAN.
The LEDE is connected with the WAN to the main switch and router.
Is there anyone who knows where this recipe is?


disable the wan port and in the lan section change it from static to dhcp and then connect all the cables in the lan port of the router
see n the main router the ip assigned by dhcp to the ap

If you connect the two routers using a fixed connection between LAN ports, the whole thing is ridiculously easy, as you can dumb down the APs. (The key to making things really easy is to NOT use the WAN port in the slave APs at all.)

I have written a rather detailed guide about it in Openwrt forum:

Basically you need to adjust these in router2:

  • set the hostname to be different than the main router has
  • set router2's LAN interface to match the subnet of router1, but to have a different fixed IP address. I use
  • set that router's DNS and gateway info to point into router1 ( in my case)
  • config the DHCP server in router2 to ignore requests from local LAN interface. I do that config to prevent mishaps with the service starting accidentally, although I also disable the service itself (dnsmasq).
  • disable the DHCP/DNS service (dnsmasq) in router2
  • config the Wifi normally. At least change the wifi channel to prevent signal overlap.
  • (additionally, I adjust the IPv6 address settings, disable ipv6 tunnels, disable miniupnpd)

Thanks for the link and the help.

OpenWrt Wiki

Based on same but with a Guest AP on the wired AP