Lede / adblock noob

Hello, MANY thanks for creating this firmware... my old router is now waaaaay faster!

Am a total noob to Linux, and find the language a little intimidating, so "cronjobs" and whatnot is just Greek to me !

So... installed lede, and adblock with the luci interface, and all seems dandy... but should I be updating the sources somehow? if how?
... or does it draw on the sources at boot ?


I believe they do update at boot, although I'm not positive about that, if you'd like to update with a daily cron job instead of rebooting, you can just go to System>Scheduled tasks in Luci and enter something like this -

0 3 * * * /etc/init.d/adblock reload

the developer for adblock, @dibdot, is really good about helping and answering questions, here's the thread for adblock help - Adblock support thread

and the wiki for cron that might help - https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/cron

Thanks for that, I did find the support thread but couldn't see how to post !

Found it now, so I'll ask in there... thanks again

Most of the house love this adblock feature it's great! Thanks for your efforts, it's the best upgrade I've done so far!

Believe it or not my wife likes doing swagbucks earning vouchers for watching adverts and doing surveys. Turns out the adblock actually gets her account suspended for 4 hours each time she tries it, It's been a subject of some hilarity but unhappy wife=unhappy life so...

I've made her use a VM for swagbucks, Which gets re-cloned on a regular basis, to prevent malware infesting her PC. This VM has a static IP address reservation on my router, I would like to allow ads to\from just this VM, but continue to block ads to all our other devices. I'm hopefully this is possible, has anyone got a simple guide to help me configure it.



Edit... I've forced the VM to use for it's DNS. DHCP gives out OpenDNS.

So i've sorted this out!

What i did was create a new LAN2 interface, on a seperate with a new vlan( vlan2).

Then create 2x new wifi networks, on my router, one for each frequency (i now have 4 wifi networks 2 adblocked and 2 not). Then under the adblock section i've applied it the adblock only to the original LAN port

services|adblock|Restrict interface trigger to certain interface(s) : br_lan

now only br_lan and associated WIFI networks get adblocked. br_lan2: is not.

Hope that makes sense.

No! :wink:
The adblock trigger definition controls only the restart behaviour - nothing more.
Crucial thing for adblocking is the used dns instance, probably you use now 2 instances, one with and the other without adblock.

So to clarify then. I now have 4 wifi networks 2 on each frequency.

Wifi network_1 on both frequencies (radio0 and radio1)is accociated with "br_lan" to this VLAN (eth0.5) i've allocated a DHCP address space of and a DNS IP addresses for and The adblock has "br_lan" in the LUCI service "Restrict interface trigger to certain intercase(s)" as it's only target." box.

Wifi network_2 on both frequencies is associated with "br_lan2", to this VLAN (eth0.2) i've allocated a DHCP address space of and DNS IP addresses for and

Seems to be working ok... I'm stil a noob at this so and i'm open to ideas, if you think i could have done this better. :slight_smile:

Thanks all