LEDE 17.01.0-RC1 in VirtualBox


I'm using this tutorial:

I'm stuck on VM Settings part because there is no network file in my machine. Why is that?

Post your VM settings and other related information used for setup

It's configured the same as in the tutorial up to the point where I'm supposed to type "uci show network" to see configured. Instead I'm getting an error that the file doesn't exist and it's true. I checked it. No network file inside /etc/config.

You need to pad the image using something like dd if=original.squashfs.combined.img of=padded.img bs=100m conv=sync before converting it to a vm image.

I get "error wrong number: "100m""
Something like that. I'm using Polish language for my Ubuntu VM.

Try an uppercase M

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Why I am getting error: FATAL: No bootable medium found! System halted?

I choosed the converted img, but Virtualbox can't boot.

Are you still using 17.01.0-rc1?

I'm following the instructions on the wiki to download a combined image from root (that's the link provided). It's not clear which version it is, but I'm assuming it's from a develop branch, and probably closer 17.01.3 or .4.

Perhaps I should start again w/ the most recent stable release. Thank you for the prompt. I was thinking about that.

us bs=1024 can works too