Latex dev docs -- Are these being maintained?

Let's talk about the /docs folder in LEDE source.


First off, I'm not sure why anyone would actually want to make it so hard to get documentation. What sadist did this?

"Let's put it in some obscure format that's hard to build."

"We want people to actually have to compile or documentation before they can get to it! We want as many hoops as possible to jump through before people can help themselves to our docs."

"Let's make sure it's difficult to read these docs on the command line."

I've tried several times over the years to actually build these docs and it fails for unknown reason. I figure the makefile is just broke, but I'm a latex novice so maybe it's something "I'm doing wrong" (like trying to read tex in the first place).

Can these be removed from source and replaced with some real dev documentation?

They either need to be maintained to be disposed of, because not having real up-to-date dev docs are a problem with this project: How to build, how to submit patches, dev process, resources (mailing lists, websites, etc)

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Hi @jmomo I am not going to disagree with your observation. The github repo shows that all those docs are well over a year old, some as many as nine years old. They weren't maintained at the OpenWrt site, and we probably won't look at them, either.

As you may know, LEDE is a pretty young project. In addition to pushing development forward, people are hard at work building new documentation on the main site. We're moving information from the OpenWrt site, editing, cleaning up, and improving it as we go.

Please help us with this effort. (Or perhaps LEDE is not mature enough to justify your attention. You might make the perfectly reasonable choice to take another look at us in six months.)

PS I see you're new here, but I'm going to ask you to keep the salty language down. Thanks.

@jow @blogic
Any chance that those ancient latex-based docs could be completely removed?
(the /docs directory in git)

They are really ancient (mostly before 2009), so I doubt their accuracy...

All references to trac etc. are naturally wrong, but I think that also the buildroot has evolved so much that the docs would require heavy editing.

Yep, I think we should nuke those docs.

lol, latex... sadists.... what is happening in that folder while none is watching...

I opened a PR to delete them, let's see how others react there.

And I repeat here what I said there, if there is something you want to keep please tell me and I'll move it to the wiki.