Latest stable build for Archer C50 V4

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I'm totally new to OpenWrt and I'm excited to join the community.

I've purchased a TP Link Archer C50 V4 and managed to install the snapshot version of OpenWrt on it as per instructions.

I see that a new stable release was made today and it looks like it should support C50 V4. Unfortunately, the instructions on the page for the device are not updated yet and I'm not too sure how to actually install the stable release.

Could you please point me to how I can install this latest stable OpenWrt on C50 V4?

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This is the device page:

Where have you read that?

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Stable downloads section:

The packages folders have been updated today.

There is no stable 18.06 build for C50 v4.

OpenWrt 19.07-snapshot which includes LuCI web UI is available for C50v4.

Refer to specific Archer C50 v4 installation instructions found in wiki page:

I see, thanks for the info. I've taken a look at the page - is this the file I need?

Just to confirm, is this a ready to flash bin or do I still need to combine it with the stock firmware?

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The sysupgrade.bin is correct file to use where OpenWrt is already installed.

(Combining sysupgrade.bin with uboot element from stock firmware, only applies when changing from TPlink stock firmware to OpenWrt on the C50 v4 btw)

Great, I already have OpenWrt so I'll install the tplink_c50-v4-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin.


Got it flashed, works as expected. Thanks for the help!

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