Lantiq XRX200 Easybox 904xDSL and Speedport W 921v build

For Polish and German users, a new version of OpenWrt 21.02 SMP and VPE with default support for ADSL/VDSL. Not included encrypted DNS. System now supports IPv6 addresses. Asterisk is not installed by default. List of useful commands:
Default password for both Wi-Fi networks: WiFipassword
Passwords to be changed only via the console. The package repository is accessible remotely via Github.


Installation via Luci or console.

The images are fully compatible with Recovery:

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Hey @Zuzia, great work! I flashed your current image and was really positive suprised about the direct software management! It seems like a mainline device and were able to install new packages.

Unfortunately I don't understand why the device is not pingable. The web surface and ssh work great, but no ping response, even when I reflash and give different lan ip addresses to the device.

Another strange behavior is that the 5GHz wifi works great with a different edited password via ssh, but no chance for 2,4 GHz. It is discovered, but I get always no login possible with different devices...

So do you have any idea what is wrong and could it have something to do with wpad?

Thanks a lot @Zuzia, the image works great for Easybox 904xDSL! I have the same issue as @suppenkasper0815. WiFi works on 5 GHz but no chance to connect on 2.4 GHz.

Any hints of a known issue here?

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@Zuzia Any new versions to test the ipv6 dual-stack like @wess has the same issue?

@suppenkasper0815 IPv6 problem is due to bugs in OpenWrt itself, for now I don't know how to solve it.

New versions of images based on OpenWrt 21.02.7 with kernel 5.4.238


Full sources with feeds:


The package repository is available online via Github. Good news - 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi is working again (default password: WiFipassword). Change password only via vi or mcedit (Luci is still incompatible with Wi-Fi). Bad news - MAC addresses for LAN and WAN are just an example, but everything works. Note to purists. I know this is a dirty workaround, but without DSA support, further development is not possible. Unfortunately I don't know how to add DSA support, help is needed.

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New RECOVERY images with kernel 5.4.238:


I have an old Speedport W921v I wanted to flash with openwrt, links to images posted here do not work anymore.

Any chance, I miss some link? I see recent firmware for EasyBox but not for W921v.

Has anyone a recent image for my device, and how is with WLAN support, is it working?

Thanks in advance

1.) So to clarify, does this mean, i can't use an Easybox 904 xDSL in client mode as a station?
My use-case would be "glorified WiFi-Stick". Meaning i kinda want it perform as a wireless repeater (Wireless network bridge (wireless repeater), OpenWrt as client device).
Network config idea: Internet DSL -> New Easybox 904xDSL with original software (for now) -> WiFi -> Old Easybox 904xDSL with openwrt -> Lan(port) -> PC.
2.) If it wouldn't work, why is that so? Is it a hardware or a software problem? (Just curios about the technical side of it.)
(3.) Just ignoring the problem, so assuming it works. Shouldn't the Easybox be able to be a repeater without reducing bitrate by around 50%, as it could make use of two wifi networks(normal & guest)?)

Thanks for all your efforts, as i might just tinker around with the easybox anyways and your contributions to openwrt.