Lantiq xrx200 device list

I could not find a comprehensive Lantiq xRX200/VRX200 device list. The OpenWrt wiki has which is pretty good, but a few devices are missing.

Current mainline OpenWrt builds:

Not built, but supported with out-of-tree patches, being worked on or somewhat in progress:

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BTW: The intention of your posting is unclear to me. Do you have a question regarding xrx200? Do you just want to document all devices with xrx200 subtarget? Something completely different...?

The intent is threefold:

  • Collecting a list of devices without polluting the wiki or making the wiki merge more difficult
  • Making sure the OpenWrt wiki entries which are in the hierarchy under /inbox/ instead of unter /toh/ do not get lost in the merge
  • Possibly collecting links to external forum entries or web pages in case the OpenWrt/LEDE wikis are missing an entry for a device

You could use wikidevi for this list. See e.g. -> search for vrx 200 -> PSB 80920 -> click on 13 devices

The inbox will not get lost.

The ToH shouldn't miss any supported devices.
For unsupported devices, use wikidevi to collect information. wikidevi is not specific to OpwnWrt/LEDE, and everybody and every firmware can benefit from it.

Hm. Wikidevi is missing a few entries which are present in the OpenWrt/LEDE TOH and vice versa. Is there any easy rule on (not) copying entries (wikidevi is cc-by-sa 3.0, openwrt wiki is cc-by-sa 4.0)?

Does "works with an out-of-tree patch" count as supported? At least in the old OpenWrt wiki, there are quite a few entries with download links for builds from unmerged sources.

There it is:

Wanted to add that the DM200 no longer works with the snapshots currently available, at least for the two devices I have.

Flashing the firmware leaves the device soft bricked and needs recovering via tftp...

Does it work with the latest LEDE 17.01.4 release?
What's the latest snapshot which worked?

By the way, I added TFTP PUT support to all xrx200 U-Boot targets. This means you can (at least for NOR flash) dump and upload the whole flash chip from U-Boot via network instead of relying on serial. Especially in a situation where you want to backup, reflash, see it fail, restore again and again.


The device is not in the lastest LEDE release,

I have no idea which is the latest snapshot that worked.

Tomn at the link below confirms the issue,

Hope to hear about some sort of fix soon!


You have add the tp-link 9980 to unsupported but 8980 to supported. Both are exactly same. You can even cross-flash the OEM-Firmware between both devices. The only difference is the vdsl.bin file. Its once with VDSL-Vectoring support and once without.

You are missing the AVM Fritzbox 7490 in the list. Its currently unsupported by openwrt, but it have the xrx200 chipset.
The Easybox 904xdsl is working. This device have a build in screen and works with openwrt custom build (work in progress to get it into mainline openwrt).

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