Lantiq xDSL uptime drift/delay

I noticed on my Fritzbox 7362 that VDSL uptime is running a bit slower than OS/PPPoE uptime.
The drift is noticeable, PPPoE is running now for 13 hours and 30 minutes (actual time), while VDSL uptime is 13:10 which is, obviously, technically impossible.

It happens consistently regardless of the CPU load and uptime - DSL uptime runs a few minutes late for each hour, becoming significant after a few days of uptime.

Is this common for all Lantiq devices and what could be the cause? I use default DSL firmware and no special tweaks for the connection.

I added a correction factor to the /lib/functions/ as suggested in that thread. I added this line before the seconds are converted to days, hours and minutes:
et=$(awk -v et=$et 'BEGIN{printf "%d", et * 1.025}')

The factor of 1,025 corresponds to the drift that I have observed.

Yes, that seems to be it. The difference is also consistent in my case, so it's probably the firmware or general xDSL block issue.

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