Lantiq DSL line spectrum

Decided to add the capability to create DSL line statistics graphs to OpenWRT similar to what the Fritzbox DSL modems provide. Code can be found in .

For now the repo contains 2 solutions in parallel

  • one based on the chart.js package which supports way options than required and is a kind of slow in rendering

  • one based on some bespoke graph rendering routines, just sufficient for this application and a lot faster in rendering

Use it to your liking and looking forward for any feedback.


I didn't notice it before, sorry ... It should be "spectrum" not "statistics" :slight_smile:

Other than that, I can only reiterate: Nicely done.

Thnx, no worries, will change by opportunity.

@TurboWrt Awesome. Are you planning to submit the patch to LUCI?

Would do so if I would know how to submit a patch like this. Hence, need a bit of support.

BTW, when submitting it's probably wise to limit to one solution only. Would you prefer the solution based on chart.js or the solution without chart.js.

You should open a new PR on this page.

I am not an expert on JS. I'm mostly familiar with device drivers and the network stack. I think it would be best to ask the LUCI maintainers about this.

I saw, also a request for such a feature in LUCI.

PR has been created


In 2 weeks I will have access to a VDSL line I will test this PR.

Please once you have your VDSL line. There have been quite some updates (bug fixes) and 2 new graphs have been added.