Language package not present in snapshots


i have seen a new language package for a luci app: luci-i18n-wifischedule-it (italian language), but yesterday it was present in the that my router use and today is not.
The package is present in other architectures directories.
How can i ask to notice to the admins this "error"?


I'm guessing the buildbot failed to successfully complete the build. Admins usually notice it from the buildbot logs/reports and fix it (given enough time to investigate why the build failed).

I'd say no action is required from your side, eventually the build will complete when the underlying issue is fixed.

PS. Unless your device is not supported in release, it's always safer/better to use release and not snapshot builds.

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thanks for the answer

i know all the risky things about snapshots build, but i like to experiment things :smiley: