LAN vs WLAN prioritization

I have a WR1043ND v2 router with 19.07.
I'm using Travelmate to switch among smartphone hotspots and repeat them (individually) as a unique SSID, so that my clients know only that SSID.
Due to the mobile signal instability, I have a variable wan speed.
I have my PS4 connected via LAN and all other clients via wlan.
I'd like to set maximum prioritization to PS4 (or LAN1) to reduce ping and avoid game lags when other clients are inadvertently using internet as well.
I guess it should be a simple task to give max priority to a single LAN port ... but I have very basic knowledge of networking and openwrt and I could't find any specific (easy) instruction.
I'm trying with SQM ... but maybe it is not the right tool.
Please help!

SQM doesn't micromanage the bandwidth and priorities per device, it makes sure all hosts get a fair amount of bandwidth without bufferbloat.
If you want to prioritize the PS4 then have a look in QoS or nft-qos.

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Thanks @trendy for your quick reply.
I installed nft-qos and I am currently trying to understand how to set it up.

I unflagged the "limit rate" section and flagged the "traffic priority" but ... can you give me also some help on how to prioritize all traffic going through lan port 1 please?

All LAN ports are bridged on the switch, unless you separate them using VLANs, the router's CPU can not distinguish traffic based on the port. You need to use IP or MAC addresses instead.

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Thanks @eduperez
In fact I fixed the PS4's IP address but unfortunately I do not see any "hostname" or "IP" choices when adding the rule ... see attached image

Look at the Limit Rate tab.

Limit Rate tab looks similar.
I've seen "for a while" a hostname field ... but I thing there's a bug in the LuCi GUI.
Bu I don't have enough skills to do it via text command.
Please help!!! :slight_smile: :pray:

Limit type dynamic.