Lan ports on e2000 not working as expected

Hi. I just installed openwrt on my linksys e2000. ( )

I am trying to get my router to act like a dumb access point and network switch.

I followed this guide:

The wireless works as expected, but any device connected to the physical ports on the e2000 cannot access the rest of the network. It can only access the actual device. I cannot ping the upstream gateway router or any other device, even ones connected to the same lan ports.

Not sure what i'm missing.


A few things you might try...

First, the wiki article you used may be a bit outdated. This one should be more up-to-date.

Meanwhile, the issue may be with the way the physical ports are managed which may be different than the example(s) provided in the tutorial. I'd have to look to see the details to say more, but you may not want to hold off on the bridging the WAN and LAN and/or adjustment of the switch (VLANs, etc.) until you know how they are handled.

Probably the fastest way to get it working is just to use the LAN ports only. Try the following:

  1. disconnect the E2000 from your network.
  2. reset to defaults
  3. setup wireless as you want it to be (SSID, password) and enable it -- verify that it works.
  4. change the IP address of the E2000 (LAN) to an address that is in the same subnet as your main network, but not in the DHCP scope and not used by any other static/manually assigned devices.
  5. turn off DHCP on the E2000.
  6. Connect one of the LAN ports on the E2000 to one of the LAN ports on your main router.

Try connecting to wireless and/or wired on the E2000 and see if everything works as expected.

If you need the extra port (WAN) on the E2000, we can figure out the right network settings to get that physical port on the right network (bridging or switch assignment/VLANs).

Thanks for your message.

I did have a go, but still had issues. However what i did learn is that i did not erase my nvram properly and that was probably causing the issues. I did managed to get dd-wrt (which also wasn't working as expected) to work now after the nvram reset.

So lesson learnt - flash original firmware then reset nvram then install custom firmware.