Lan clinets seems to be isolated from each other

I have installed 19.07-snapshot on wrt1200ac linksys.
and I selected to keep old setting.
now I have a weird problem.
lan clients dont seem to be able to see each other.
they all see router and wan and internet works, but I cant even ping from my laptop to my tablet.
other programs that use lan to communicate with others (like syncthing) don't work.
what I am missing?

I have checked and wifi client isolation is not enabled.

It is not advisable to keep settings between versions. Have you tested configuring from default configs?

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the router is not in a realy accessable place and I lack the proper lan wire.
so I need the wireless and I really prefer not to start from scratch.
other stuff works and only bugs I have are those that were present in 18 too, except this one

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There is an option on the wireless interface precisely to isolate clients from each other. Check that it hasn't been activated accidentally.

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see first post

Sorry, I did not see that line the first time...

There have been reports of similar behaviour before, and this usually indicates a bug in the wireless drivers. However, I am not aware of any recent development on those devices.

Not being very helpful, I know...

I had this enabled which seemed to work with snapshot(not 19-snapshot but the git snapshot) image and but seems to cause this issue with the 19 image.

"802.11w Management Frame Protection"

I disabled it (it was on optional) and now lan clients see each other.